ITECH SYSTEM ENGINEERING SDN BHD was incorporated in 2006 in Malaysia. We are a system integrator providing technical and services excellence by Implementing our mission of providing Quality Integration Solutions to our customers.

Company Vision

Commitment to provide cost effective Quality integration solutions and excellent service within long term customer partnerships, repeat business is the life blood of our company.

ITECH Power Advantages

  • Operating Strategy
  • Business Strategy
  • Strong Support from Products’ Principles
  • Significant Market Opportunities
  • Strong Sales Presence


Times are continually changing…Construction, Building Automation and IT Projects are no longer just a matter of installations and solution. Their system requirements demand more sophisticated integration, complex networking connectivity, redundancy back-up, good power quality supply and reliable monitoring system.

As ITECH,we have sought to clearly define the requirements and needsof our customers. WE have incorporated systems into our everyday work processes to ensure that our customers primary requirements and needs are matched.

Our synergy with years of project experiences have given us a clear and focused understanding of all issues related to implementing the Management System concepts. The tools , formats, methods, and practices utilized on these projects can provide an optimized and predictable approach for new critical projects.

Our comprehensive range of capabilities includes :

• Enterprise Management System Integration Services

• Engineering, Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning

• Energy Efficiency & Power Quality Consultancy Services

• Support and Maintenance Services

Flexibility :

The important concepts are openness and interoperability. Here, we allowed easy integration of various components both into their own system and the presentation of the data to anyone with access to the Trust’s connectivity network.

Specialize :

• Building Management System, BMS

• Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition System / SCADA

• Central Electrical Management System, CEMS

• Data Centre Environmental Monitoring System

• Smart Office and Building Intelligent Lighting Control System

• Security Surveillance Management System

• Power Quality & Energy Management System

• Extra Low Voltage (ELV) System

• Structure Cabling System

• FiberTo The Home (FTTH) System

Our Approach :

We view our client relationship as a strategic partnership and everything we do is driven by our
indomitable values and our resolute pledge to share our proficiency.
To each client engagement we bring a unified focus and a methodology that is best suited to
their requirement. Our past projects experiences enables us to contrive a consistent,
repeatable, refine process for defining expectations, isolating problems, creating and
implementing solutions, monitoring performance and tracking results – no matter what the
Our approach is based on:

  •  Technology
  •  Timeliness
  •  Cost Effectiveness
  •  Quality

Our practice always optimize these four ingredients during project execution, in accordance with
the standards we uphold for every system we design.